Winter tires 101

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Should you purchase winter tires? It depends on your local winter-weather conditions, but don’t wait until the last minute to get prepared. By figuring out what you need now, you’ll be ready by the time winter is here.

The Winter Forecast


First, consider your area’s winter-weather conditions.

  • If you’ve recently moved to a new area, look up the average snow and rainfall online or ask your neighbors how last winter treated them.
  • Do you drive on snowy roads often? Look into snow tires.
  • If it doesn’t snow in your area, you don’t need winter tires. Instead, check them for wear. If they are worn, replace them before the wet weather hits. If they are still in good shape, get them checked and rotated.

A Tire for Every Occasion


The type of tire you need will depend on the weather conditions.

  • If it only snows once or twice a year where you live, all-season or all-weather tires are a great choice. However, they’re not designed for severe winter weather.
  • If you experience icy roads or snow frequently, consider winter snow tires. Like snow boots, snow tires have deep, road-gripping tread, which handles ice and snow well.

Purchasing Tires


Weather-appropriate tires are an investment in your family’s safety. Before you make the purchase, do your homework. It’ll help make an easier transition.

  • If you purchase winter tires, you’ll need four. Don’t just switch the front tires or the back tires. It’ll affect their performance.
  • Purchase the correct tire size for your vehicle. Know its make and model, and have your owner’s manual on hand.
  • When in doubt, chose more tread. A tread that’s too deep is better than a trend that’s low. Lower treads won’t grip slippery roads properly.
  • Visit your local Walmart Tire & Lube Express. A specialist can give you even more information.

Winter-Tire Tips


Once you’ve purchased and installed your winter tires, take good care of them. Here are some tips to help.

  • Store your unused tires in a dry place and keep them covered.
  • Check air pressure regularly. Rapid temperature changes can cause pressure changes.
  • If you install your winter tires yourself, have a professional check the alignment.
  • Traveling to a snowy area? Consider renting a car already equipped with snow tires.

Used with permission. © 2015 Walmart. All Rights Reserved. See full legal.

Used with permission. © 2014 Walmart. All Rights Reserved. See full legal.


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