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We've been hearing a lot of buzz around Garnier Olia : Made with botanical extracts and oils, this all-new formula promises long-lasting color and lush, supple textures for a fraction of the salon price tag. We wanted to see this flower-powered extravaganza in action, so we asked one of our lovely Walmart associates to check it out.

Q: Shade selection?
A: I used the 6.6 Light Intense Auburn. My natural hair color is a light brown/dark blonde, but I have been coloring it at home for a few years to make it richer. I always add a touch of red. Garnier has been my go-to hair color for a while, so I was excited to try this new formula.

Q: Ease of use?
A: The instructions were easy to follow. I did a lot of shaking to be sure it was mixed and was ready to apply my color about 3 minutes after getting started. The packaging was super chic with black and white and hints of purple - very luxurious. The teardrop-shaped applicator bottle looked cool but was difficult to grasp with gloves. It kept popping out of my hands!

TIP: Apply Vaseline along your hairline to prevent dye from bleeding onto your face.

Q: Application?
A: The mixture was thick and somewhat difficult apply evenly to my hair. On the plus side, it was drip-free – no floor-cleaning necessary!

TIP: For more even coverage, ask a friend to help. Mix hair color in a separate plastic bowl and apply with a basting brush or hair color brush.

Q: Sensory experience?
A: The scent was good. It had that typical floral-masking-a-chemical smell, but was not overly strong. It was definitely more pleasant than many color formulations I've tried.

Q: Hair color goals?
A: I was trying a new shade and attempting to cover a few grays. The color was new but basically a redder version of my natural color. It wasn't a dramatic change.

Q: Hair color results?
A: The resulting color was a bit uneven, but the areas that did appear red had a beautiful tone! Luckily the color was not much darker or redder than my current hair, so it looked like I "streaked" or highlighted with the red. I loved the areas that did take the color, and the shade was exactly what I expected.

TIP: Wash your hair 24 hours before coloring and resist the urge to apply styling products, which may create streaky or uneven color.

In review

  • 60% natural flower oil-blend formula penetrates hair shaft, lifting up to three levels
  • 100% ammonia-free (most home hair color is water-based, formulated with ammonia)
  • Sunflower, passionflower, camellia and meadow foam formula creates a pleasant fragrance
  • Available in a full range of 24 shades
  • Overall grade: B+

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Used with permission. © 2014 Walmart. All Rights Reserved. See full legal.


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