Quick fixes for holiday beauty blunders

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The holidays demand you bring your beauty A-game. If you find yourself falling prey to one of the following six slip-ups, a quick fix is in order. And good news: We know just how to correct these beauty snafus.

Beauty blunder #1: Tired eyes

Though late-night parties are loads of fun, waking up to dark circles and puffy eyes can put a damper on the day. Even if you feel tired, you shouldn’t look tired.

The fix: To quickly cover-up dark circles, blend a long-wear, smudge-proof concealer underneath the eyes. If swollen eyes are the problem, kick back with a cooling eye mask to temper inflammation and de-stress from the holiday madness.

Beauty blunder #2: Winter-worn skin

Everybody loves a snowflake, but nobody loves flaking skin. Whether your skin suffers dehydration due to hot showers, heaters or nose wiping, your skin is in need of TLC. Not only that, but dry skin causes makeup to look blotchy—a definite no-no for any holiday bash.

The fix: You need to rid skin of flakes—stat! Use an exfoliator a few times a week. Follow with an oil-free daily moisturizer, and slather skin with a rich night cream before bed.

Beauty blunder #3: Skipping SPF

Sure, you may be seeing more cloud cover than sunny sky, but if you’ve said sayonara to your SPF, your skin is paying the price. Despite overcast skies, UV rays still reach your skin, causing sun damage.

The fix: Go dig out your sunscreen, because you should be applying SPF daily. At minimum, wear an SPF 30, which many facial moisturizers contain. Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.

Beauty blunder #4: Bronze bombed

Just because the sun has gone into hibernation doesn’t mean your tan should too, right? Warming-up pale skin is a holiday makeup must, but overdoing it can look fake during the winter.

The fix: Rather than pile on the powder bronzer, choose an oil-free moisturizing lotion that contains self-tanner. It’s all about building your glow for a more natural result.

Beauty blunder #5: Too much flash

Tinsel belongs on trees—not your face. While the urge to douse eyelids in glitter is strong this time of year, the fleck fall-out (typically landing all over your cheeks) will ruin your holiday photographs.

The fix: If you simply must sparkle, choose one feature for the flash focus. Trade in glitter for shimmering cream eyeshadows and keep the rest of the face dew-free. Or slick on gleaming lip gloss with bit of spark.

Beauty blunder #6: Hat head

Baby, it’s cold outside—and wearing a hat helps keep the heat from escaping your body. But just as you step into that holiday party, you realize you’ve flattened your gorgeous hairdo.

The fix: Before you put hat to head, ensure your hair is 100-percent dry. Damp hair will mold itself to the shape of your hat, leaving unsightly dents. This can also cause damp hair to stretch and break, resulting in split ends. Should you have to think on your feet post-hat head, you can always pile your hair into a chic topknot and secure it with a few pins.

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Used with permission. © 2014 Walmart. All Rights Reserved. See full legal.


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