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Costume ideas for kids

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Halloween is an exciting time for kids and parents alike. As the big night approaches, your children's imaginations will be running wild with costume ideas. And even though there are some kids who say Halloween is only fun because of the candy, as a parent you know the costume is a major part of the celebration.

Dressing up your kids in a Halloween costume appropriate for both the neighborhood streets and school can be a stressful decision. Not only are you worrying about what your child wants to dress up as, you have to follow the school guidelines and pick something that won’t break your budget. Here are some ideas to inspire homemade and store-bought costumes that your kids will be happy to say "Trick or treat!" in.


Clowns always mean fun. Younger children love the poofy clown outfits and bright makeup. If your little one wants to be a clown for Halloween, it couldn’t be easier to put together a costume worthy of the circus.

Start with the outfit. A curly red wig (or even a rainbow wig for more color) and the bright red clown nose are the first two items you'll need to pull the look together. Brightly colored clothing or even a white T-shirt with vivid craft balls glued to the front will make your little one look ready for clowning around.

Face paint can be found in the Halloween section of the store. Start with a white base, red lips, red cheeks and any other bright colors in fun shapes that will add to the zany look.

Feel adventurous? Depending on age, try teaching your son or daughter to juggle with two balls (or even three if he or she gets the hang of it quickly!). Juggling will really make your child look like a bona fide circus performer.


Pointy black hats and scary black dresses are standard fare when dressing up your little girl for Halloween. You can refresh this classic by substituting the black wig with a shiny pink or purple one. Who said witches have to be ugly and old? Glitter and frills can still mean business, and you can even put stickers on the pointy black hat to jazz it up. Scarves can be added to the black witch's dress to add some glamour and color.


A great mummy costume has never been easier. Go to the store and pick up a few rolls of gauze and start wrapping your child from head to toe. Don’t cover the face — you want to make sure your child can see clearly in the costume — but everything else can be wrapped. If your child is older or a fan of gore, you can use fake blood to add an extra level of scary to the costume.


Dressing up as a scary, creepy monster can make a little kid the happiest trick-or-treater on the block.

First, choose how gross you want your monster to be. The key to a scary monster is the face. If the school allows masks then you have a choice, but if they don’t allow masks there are still many options to make your child look scary. You can go for the green-faced Frankenstein look, making sure to put bolts on the neck (use spirit gum to keep them attached). If bolts are too heavy, you can also use small corks painted silver or grey. (Don’t paint the part that will touch your child’s skin.)

Use hair gel to keep hair straight up and a colored hairspray if your child wants green hair to match his face paint. With a pair of black sweatpants and an oversize, black long-sleeve shirt, your monster is ready to scare the neighbors, classmates and anyone else who dares cross his path.


Little girls love to play dress-up, and Halloween is a perfect excuse to turn your daughter into a storybook princess. Curls in the hair with ribbons and bows, a tiara, a wand and a beautiful dress are standard items that will make your little girl look like she is ready to drift off into a fairy tale.

Makeup is optional, of course, but if you do use it, don’t use too much. You can make your daughter the most dazzling princess on the block with just a few hair ties and a pretty, shimmering dress. If you like to sew, pick up a dress pattern and a few pieces of fabric in your daughter's favorite colors. When it comes to shoes, make sure to avoid ones with heels if your daughter will be trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. A plain pair of comfortable white tennis shoes with some glitter and stickers can be just as thrilling (and much more practical) for a little one ready to go out and show everyone how well she can twirl in her princess dress.

Premade Costumes

If you don’t have the time or patience to sit down and sew a costume, that’s okay. This is one of the reasons Walmart has so many great costumes in stock at prices that won’t scare you! From a beautiful princess to a scary monster, you'll find your child's favorite costumes in their size and at unbeatable prices.

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