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6 frozen food myths busted

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People's tastes may vary, but we can all agree that fresh is fantastic. Keeping food fresh and locking in the nutrition of your favorite foods is what freezing is all about. After all, freezing is simply nature's pause button, keeping ingredients at the peak of perfection until you're ready to enjoy them.

Here are the top six myths about frozen foods and meals and the truths behind them.

Myth #1: Frozen fruits and veggies aren't as nutritious as fresh.

The FDA found that there is no nutritional difference between frozen and fresh produce.

Myth #2: All frozen foods contain preservatives.

Actually, many frozen food favorites, like lasagna, contain no added preservatives.

Myth #3: Frozen meals don't use real ingredients.

The freezer aisle of your supermarket is filled with meals made with the highest quality ingredients and prepared the way you would (if you had the time).

Myth #4: Frozen meals aren't environmentally friendly.

Actually, frozen foods minimize the amount of spoiled food we throw away because they're already portioned out for us.

Myth #5: Frozen meals are more expensive than restaurant take-out meals.

Restaurant-inspired entrees, like seafood scampi, sesame chicken and Monterey chicken, cost just under $4 each. You do the math.

Myth #6: Frozen meals are not good for weight-conscious people.

Frozen meals are portioned out for you, and portion control is a proven strategy for weight management as recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


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