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Easy Mother's Day breakfast ideas

These recipes are just like Mom: full of natural goodness.
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French Toast

The unfussy flavors of this can't-fail classic will be an instant hit with Mom. You'll get bonus points for its nutritious whole-grain and fresh berry ingredients, too.

Get the recipe: Whole-Grain French Toast with Berries

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Bread pudding

Start Mom's day with a breakfast that's as warm and comforting as the hugs she gives. Reduced-fat cream cheese adds a touch of guilt-free richness to this variation on breakfast bread pudding.

Get the recipe: Blueberry Maple Breakfast Bake

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Hot breakfast cereal

Transport Mom to a tropical paradise with this quick, protein-packed warm breakfast cereal. Coconut flakes, milk, crushed pineapple and cinnamon combine to make this a wholesome, flavor-packed way to welcome the day.

Get the recipe: Tropical Breakfast Quinoa

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What says "I love you" more than a homemade breakfast? Heart-shaped pancakes, of course! Semi-sweet chocolate chips add a hint of decadence to these adorable pancakes.

Get the recipe: Heavenly Heart-Shaped Pancakes

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Fruit smoothies

Give Mom an extra serving of get-up-and-go with this vitamin-packed yogurt and fruit smoothie. Banana, mango and strawberry combine to make an irresistible breakfast beverage.

Get the recipe: Strawberry Mango Smoothie



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