Duck Tape Pen & Pencil Heart Toppers

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    Puffy handmade hearts for topping pens, pencils and laundry pins. Show your love with a handmade gift—this sweet little craft project makes it easy.

Total Time:


Cost: per serving



Duck Tape®

Bubble Wrap® brand protective packaging

Pen, pencil or laundry pin

Craft knife


Crafting board


Skill level: Beginner
Approximate crafting time: 25 minutes


  1. Draw and cut out a heart shape onto cardstock.Step1_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i
  2. Fold over a piece of bubble wrap onto itself to get the desired thickness of the heart pillow. Tape to hold together.Step2_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i
  3. Trace your heart stencil onto the bubble wrap.Step3_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i
  4. Cut out the heart.Step4_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i
  5. Put the heart-shaped bubble wrap onto one half of a Duck Tape® sheet and fold over. Press the edge of the heart shape firmly.Step5_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i
  6. Cut out the heart shape leaving a small edge around the heart.Step6_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i
  7. Tape heart pillow to the end of a pen.Step7_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i
  8. Personalize your heart if desired. Step8_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i
  9. Repeat these steps with other colors and prints. You can tape your hearts to clothespins, too!Step9_Ducktivity_Heart_Pen_i

Download Ducktivity Heart Pen instruction sheet as PDF file.

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