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How to tie a decorative bow

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What you need
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Making the loops
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Pinch the bow in the center.
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Take your floral wire and wrap around the pinched area, twisting the floral wire tightly.
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Fan out the loops. Ta-dah!
  1. Reserve 12 inches for the tail of the bow.
  2. Take the ribbon and determine how big you want each loop to be.
  3. Pinch your bow in the center, between your thumb and forefinger to hold it in place. Fold the ribbon back and forth to create loops on either side. Three loops on each side is usually just right. Leave enough length for the other tail, making sure the tails on both sides match.
  4. Wrap the wire tightly around the center of the bow. Twist tightly to secure, and trim excess wire.
  5. Cut the ribbon with sharp shears.
  6. Fan out the ribbon loops and adjust as needed.
  7. Trim the tails of your ribbon either on a diagonal or by cutting an inverted V shape.
  8. Attach the ribbon to the wreath with the floral wire.


  • Using wire ribbon helps to maintain the shape of the bow.
  • Experiment with adding more loops to make a bigger bow.

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