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Cake mix basics

Cake mixes have come a long way since first introduced during the 1920s. Early on, they were rejected by homemakers, because they didn’t produce reliable results and weren’t considered “homemade.” Today, cake mixes are well-loved and more common than “scratch” cakes. Look for mixes in traditional 18.25 ounce (2 layer) and 9 ounce (1 layer) packages. The “best if used by” date stamped on the box indicates freshness. Most mixes keep about 1 year if stored in a cool, dry place. Not only do they make delicious cakes- they also work well for other baked products.

A fun and inexpensive family activity is to have each child select a cake mix in her favorite flavor at your local Walmart. At home, she’ll or he’ll enjoy helping you bake; and he or she will feel a sense of accomplishment as the family enjoys the special dessert.

Frost a cake like a pro

  1. Place cake on serving plate. To be sure you’ll keep the plate frosting-free, tuck strips of wax paper between the cake and the edges of the plate.
  2. Frost the cake.
  3. Use a flexible metal pastry spatula to create decorative swirls or a smooth finish. If embellishing or writing a message on cake frosting, first use a toothpick to draw your design, then pipe the frosting or decorating gel over the lines. Remove the strips of wax paper.

Cake mix is versatile and fun to use. Keep your family’s favorite flavors on hand in your pantry so you are ready to bake on a moment’s notice. You’ll be able to whip up great desserts in no time or deliver a last minute batch of cookies for a school or church event.

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