Double-duty kitchen appliances for Thanksgiving

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  1. Simmer and serve in a slow cooker
    For hearty stews and casseroles, there's no better and convenient appliance than a slow cooker. Just place your cooker right on your serving station, cook according to the directions and serve—no need to remove your dish and serve separately.
  2. Chop and puree with a food processor
    food processor makes chopping and pureeing a breeze. Pulse vegetables into chunks for appetizers or side dishes. Or, you can puree ingredients together for smooth, creamy soups or dips.
  3. Stir and knead with a mixer
    Of course, you'll stir together ingredients for delectable baked goods. But did you know that mixers often come with attachments so you can knead dough for homemade bread or rolls? It's a must for your Thanksgiving feast!
  4. Defrost and roast in a microwave
    Microwaves  do so much more than reheat leftovers. On a busy day like Thanksgiving, they offer additional help in speeding up defrosting a frozen turkey, or roasting vegetables or potatoes.
  5. Cook and steam in a rice cooker
    Besides making rice for Thanksgiving casseroles and side dishes, many rice cookers double as steamers for delicious, perfectly steamed veggies. Rice and veggies can even be cooked simultaneously—an added time-saving bonus!
  6. Broil and warm in a toaster oven
    toaster oven packs a powerful punch in the kitchen. Use the broil and warm settings for efficiency. Broil turkey cutlets or other thinly sliced pieces of meat, and give your dishes fresh-from-the-oven taste by keeping them warm until served.

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